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Universal Testing Machine Vexus MT20 Series
ID: P07162
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Brief Introduction:
Vexus MT20 series of material testing machine is designed in double-column with maximum testing force 20KN, it is able to make the material testing about tensile, compression, bending, shearing, bonding strength, peeling, tearing, etc, it is applied to test the material such as rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon line, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, petrifaction, electrician, vehicle and other materials.
It is a stable and affordable material testing instruments for the incoming quality control, physical test, mechanics research, material development, etc.
Machine Structure:
  • The material testing is driven by AC servo motor stably;
  • The linear motion is ensured by double precision ball screw rod smoothly;
  • The columns are protected by aluminum shell with sandblasted surface perfectly;
  • The base cover is made of high-grade ABS plastic with spray coating, which is durable and beautiful;
  • The fine adjustment switch is standard delivery for up and down stroke;
  • The different functional grips can be replaced by the quick-release-clamp easily.

Executive Standard:
ISO 7500-1, JJG475-88, ASTM E4, DIN5122, JIS B7721/B7733, EN 10002-1, EN 1002-2, BS1610, GB/T228

Technical Specification:
Commodity Universal Testing Machine
Model Vexus MT20-700 Vexus MT20-1000 Vexus MT20-1500
Test Stroke 700mm 1000mm 1500mm
Capacity 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 5KN, 10KN, 20KN
(double capacities load cell is available)
Display Computer display mode
Force Resolution 1/500,000
Force Accuracy ≤±0.3%
Stroke Resolution 0.005mm
Control Mode All computerized operation mode
Test Width Ø420mm
Test Speed 0.1~1000mm/min, can set by computer, with up & down fast adjustment button of grips
Force Unit Switch Kgf, N, Ibf, g, ton, Mpa
Stop Mode Overload stop, emergency stop button, specimen damage automatic stop,
 upper & lower limit set automatic stop, automatic reset function
Machine Dimension 72×52×130cm(W×D×H)
Machine Drive Servo motor drive, synchronous wheel and precision ball screw drive
Power 400W
Machine Weight Approx 115kg
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ 10A
Standard Device 1 set of grips, computer software, USB computer connection wire
Optional Accessories Computer and Grips

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